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6 Unique Indoor Sports to Try This Winter!

By 05/24/2018Sport
Bubble Soccer Indoors


With Winter definitely on its way, it’s hard to say yes to sport when it’s cold and rainy outside! However, it’s so important to stay active. The solution? Indoor sports! Most indoor sports are a bit unusual and loads of fun. What’s even better is that they are all also in a temperature controlled environment! Here’s some of our favourite indoor sport suggestions, so you can warm up and stay fit during the cooler weather…


1. Trampolining

Winter Indoor Sports Trampolining

There are loads of indoor trampoline venues popping up all over Australia, such as BOUNCE Inc! The team at BOUNCE are helping everyone forget the serious stuff and get bouncing. You won’t even realise that you’re working out your entire body! Trampolining is a great form of cardio, so why not get a group of friends together and make an awesome day of it?!


2. Volleyball

Winter Indoor Sports Volleyball

If you’re looking for a more serious and often sweaty sport, join an indoor volleyball team! Many venues are bringing the beach indoors so players can enjoy summer all year long. Indoor volleyball is also a really social sport, so you’ll definitely have a few laughs while diving, digging, and dumping!


3. Ice Skating

Winter Indoor Sports Skating

Why not embrace the cold?! Ice skating is a popular Winter sport for a reason and there are plenty of indoor ice rinks in Australia for events, birthday parties, or just for fun! Rug up and bring your family and friends along for an afternoon of skating off some energy.


4. Bubble Soccer

Indoor Bubble Soccer Melbourne Perth

Did you know that this hilarious sport can be played on indoor courts as well?

In fact, indoor bubble soccer is great for fitness, balance, and agility, as well as team bonding!

The Bubble Brothers have hosted hundreds events and know exactly how to create fun activities any age and skill level.

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5. Yoga

Winter Indoor Sports Yoga

This mindful and meditative sport may not seem too difficult but yoga is actually great for flexibility, balance, and strength. Most begginer yogis often leave shocked at how strenuous the practice really is! If you want to turn it up a knotch, why not book a session of Bikram Yoga and sweat out all your Winter worries in a steaming hot studio? This will truly leave you feeling toasty and re-energised!


6. Mini Golf

Winter Indoor Sports Golf

While not always seen as a serious sport, indoor mini golf will at least get you out of your house and moving! One of our favourite mini golf venues is Holey Moley. These guys have opened venues all over Australia, encouraging everyone to work on their aim and swing while having a laugh with friends.

If any of these activities sound perfect to you, organise a session and let them know the Bubble Brothers sent you!


We’re all about giving the best experience possible and hope you find some fun, no matter what activity!

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