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Warm Up for the 2018 FIFA World Cup with These Soccer Themed Party Ideas!

2018 FIFA World Cup Party Ideas
As soccer enthuasiasts, the Bubble Brothers are excited to remind you that this Thursday officially marks the beginning of the 2018 FIFA World Cup!

This year, Russia is hosting the globally-loved tournament. However, there will be thousands (if not millions!) of celebrations happening all over the world. If you’re thinking of hosting a World Cup themed party or event, be sure to read some of our great suggestions below. We have some exciting ideas to make your event a winning success!


Foosball Table

Every World Cup party needs table soccer! Provide your guests with extra entertainment and hire out a foosball table for tournaments. Your game will be the life of the party and will guarantee fun for both kids and grown-ups throughout your entire party.

Bubble Brothers Foosball Table


Bubble Soccer

Why not amplify your World Cup celebrations and host a bubble soccer match?! Bubble soccer is the perfect party addition if you’re looking for something unique that provides all-out hilariousness.

Whether you play a game at your local park and then head home to watch a match, or if you’d rather make a separate day of it, the Bubble Brothers can help you with all your event needs!

A bit concerned about the wintery weather and muddy puddles? The Bubble Brothers have hosted hundreds of indoor events too!

Want to learn more or need help booking a venue? Make an enquiry and one of the Bubble Brothers team will get straight back to you!


Bubble Brothers Bubble Soccer Perth


Fancy Dress

Hosting a World Cup party fancy dress themed party could be a great idea if you and your mates love a bit of competition! Whether you go as Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Kane, a FIFA administrator, a fan, or even Vladimir Putin, your party is bound to get some giggles. Don’t forget to adorn your venue with plenty of soccer and Russian-themed decorations to celebrate this year’s host.

World Cup Party Fancy Dress


World Cup Themed Karaoke 

Want your party to get truly unruly?! Find your favourite karaoke app and chuck on some FIFA World Cup classic anthems. Some of the Bubble Brothers favourites include Ricky Martin’s La Copa De La Vida, Shakira’s Waka Waka, and this year’s anthem, Live It Up! This will certainly shake up your party and get all your guests excited for the tournaments to come.

Bubble Soccer World Cup Karaoke



Whether in Perth or Melbourne, the Bubble Brothers are here for all your World Cup event needs!

The Bubble Brothers know exactly how to organise a game for any age group and to make sure your 2018 World Cup event is one to remember.

Check out our about page to learn more about bubble soccer or contact us here to organise a game.

Just let us know what you want to do and we will take care of the rest!